Thursday, August 30, 2007

Three deaths and a funeral

Tuesday was not a good day- three deaths and all known to me via the Lib Dems. So today I found myself at the funeral of Christine Harvey, mother of colleague Nick Harvey.

Much to my surprise the Romsey by election received a mention. If I tell you that Nick mentioned that his mother had things in common with Hyacinth Bucket this tells you that she could be quite an imposing lady. During the by election she had come along to watch a Lib Dem event which a couple of young Tories tried to interrupt (rather rudely I may add!). She ripped off her yellow rosette, marched up to the young men (brandishing her handbag) and loudly informed them that if that was the way they behaved she most certainly wasn't going to vote Conservative! Th young men fled and Christine was quite surprised to discover later that she was the star of the local evening news....

It is a story that I will remember fondly but what was also clear from today was that the thing that was most remembered about her was her kindness.