Monday, October 31, 2005

From now on

Some of you will have noticed that I have been rather quiet lately. Some of you may like it that way but I have been having a re think about what I want to do with the blog and what I should spend my time writing about.

I have not looked at the blog since the last time I posted a message. I have been horrified by some of the totally inappropriate comments that have been made about third parties and have removed many comments.

From now on no further comments will be allowed on this blog. I am happy for people to e mail me and happy to then post any comments that are not rude. I am happy to stand by any of my own comments but I really feel that some recent comment has been inappropriate and over the top.

For those of you who think the blog site lacks something without the comments I will only say this. You don't have to read it and there are plenty of blogs around which do encourage vituperative comments. This blog is not one of them.