Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blackpool reflections

It was probably a good job that I couldn't blog from Blackpool as my first impressions were far from favourable. Leave aside for one moment the fact that the town is badly signed, conference venues are miles from each other, the IT provision in the WInter Gardens is antiquated and bits of the town look like a war zone. The whole place is run down and was not the family venue I had anticipated. It is quite sleazy.
However, after a week the place did seem to have some redeeming features. The people were friendly and conference goers were not ripped off nearly as much as on the south coast.

The conference itself was very positive and the vast majority of delegates appeared to be enjoying themselves.

The bizarre thing was the debate about the party leadership which almost seemed to have been generated by those close to the leader himself. It's a non story because there is no great discontent among the party so we can only assume that as the press had to talk about something then they just mirrored the debate that is going on in the other two parties.
Hardly original.