Tuesday, October 16, 2007

But the day job goes on

Weightwatchers showed that I have lost two pounds! I am sure all this was worked off today in the constant dashing to and fro between Millbank, Westminster and the Green.

The leadership was one cause but two other issues have been high on my agenda. The first is that a number of post offices have been fingered for closure by the media and this is a real concern to communities such as Chilworth, Leckford, Lockerley and West Tytherley. I am encouraging everyone to make their feelings known.

The other issue that is a real concern is the axeing of the Rail link bus between Romsey and Winchester. South West Trains claim that this is not profitable but I am in the process of checking whether they are able to ax this link or whether it is an integral part of the franchise agreement. Watch this space!