Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another fine example of honest Tory campaigning - or not

So what's all this with the poster advert in the Indy and the mobile poster van outside the conference centre?

The poster has a, not altogether flattering, pic of Charles Kennedy alongside the slogan along the lines of 'Lib Dems would abolish mandatory life sentences for murder'

So? It happens to be true.
The aim is to try and look as though we are "soft on crime" - which ain't true but just reflect on this scenario.

A couple have been married for years and one of them has a debilitationg, ultimately terminal, illness and begs the other to help bring that life to a peaceful end. The healthy half of the couple cannot bear to see their other half suffer so eventually (and almost certainly reluctantly in many cases) agrees.
The survivor is found out and taken to court and found guilty.

Are the Tories really saying that this person deserves a life sentence?

To us this issue is a case of deciding each case on its merits but to the Tories this is an alien concept and it is clear that "Compassionate Conservatism" is well and truly buried as an ethos.