Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cedar School

This is, strictly speaking, not in the constituency but is literally on the border. The school caters for children with physical disabilities but a number of the children, particularly the younger ones, have very complex needs.

I was shown around by two of the older students who seem to have enjoyed their time there very much. Hardly surprising really as there was quite a "family" feel about the place. The fascinating bit was hearing about their trip to London to the British Museum and their experience of public transport. Two taxi drivers had refused to handle wheelchairs which apparently they are not supposed to do but the rest were great but South West Trains did not come off at all well. Wheelchairs have to be booked in advance and as the party included six wheelchairs the school confirmed that the train would have ten coaches. You've guessed - there were only five carriages which caused a number of problems as there was not the right amount of space for the chairs.

The experience didn't put them off completely though as they are planning another trip and also planning to take the train again.