Sunday, March 06, 2005

The long drive north

To Harrogate for the party conference. Managed to arrive with just enough time to spare before heading off to meet the LGA. Interesting discussion about a range of topics but local income tax was high on the agenda.
Unfortunately the meeting took on a surreal quality as the dividing door between us and the restaurant kept being flung open by Hotel staff as they marched through to the bar (in our dining room). This disruption was tentatively queried - only to be sharply brought to order by a member of hotel staff saying "There's a lot of wine required through there"

So, one poor LGA staff member spent most of his evening bobbing up and down shutting doors so that we could hear the conversation. It was only at the end of the evening that we realised that the detour required by the staff (to avoid this kerfuffle) was all of three yards. Staff were well meaning but the overall customer service agenda requires some serious thought.

Was shattered after the journey so decided to forego the networking opportunities in the conference bar and get a good nights sleep. I must be getting old.