Sunday, March 06, 2005

No Limits

Visited the centre in Southampton on Friday to launch the latest campaign which aims to highlight the problems of binge drinking among teenagers.

Campaign involves a group of perfroming students from Barton Peveril college performing a play in (I think from memory) 24 schools. Buses in Southampton are also carrying some eye catching posters delivering the same message but some of these are aimed at trying to inform parents.

Talking to the students I learnt that they had devised the play themselves and the aim was not to preach about alcohol but to get over the message that alcohol should be used safely.

One worker told me that she had interviewed a lot of young people about attitudes to alcohol and the lads had told her that they drank so that they could be more relaxed around girls (well we are a daunting lot...) and the girls didn't like it when the boys got loud and aggressive as a result of alcohol.
A vicious circle if ever there was one.

The event was toasted with non alcoholic fruity cocktails