Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Not much time to blog earlier as this was how the day went after lunch

3pm - meeting with EOC
4pm - meeting at party HQ to discuss a forthcoming press event
5.15 - popped in to POlice Federation meeting to say hi to the guy from Hampshire and find out hot issues
5.30 - Parliamentary party meeting (shortest on record)
6.00 - meeting with Hampshire person on independent police complaints commission
6.40 - tried to find River room for fpa event in House of Lords - gave up
6.50 - Quick trip to House of commons gift shop
7.00 - a string of votes
7.45 - eat (Portcullis house had very nice chinese food tonight in aid of Chinese New Year. It is the year of Rooster - I was born in a year of the Rooster so wondered whether this was a good sign!
8.15 Back to office and now signing off for the night