Friday, February 04, 2005

Ampfield School

Had asked to address the meeting of the Schools Organisation Committee who were voting on the future of Ampfield School today. I was mindful of the fact that Alan Dowden is in Australia and felt there ought to be a political representative there. In fact Martin Hatley (COnservative councillor) also spoke and we were both at pains not to make party political points.

It was an extremely frustrating meeting and it felt odd to be on the public side of things - especially when you have no means of challenging inappropriate statements. When considering the future of rural schools cost is not supposed to be a factor but all of the arguments made (particularly by most councillors) centred on the cost arguments.

It was not looking good but the Church of England supported the school and this meant that the final decision is now in the hands of an adjudicator. This did not seem like particularly good news to me but when I spoke to my guru on these things he thought it was a good sign as adjudicators don't often oppose the church if it is a church school that is being considered. So, fingers crossed - it seems to be in the lap of the Gods.