Thursday, February 03, 2005

South West Trains

I was not amused.
Just missed intended train back to Parkway (12.05) - my fault.
12.35 train announced "this train is not stopping until SouthamptonCentral"

Approached poor lady who deals with enquiries who informed me that 12.35 train would not reach Waterloo until 12.40something and the changes had been made so that the train "could make up time"

Asked her how I could get to Parkway and all she could suggest was travel to S central and then travel back!!

Was not a happy bunny and had to refrain from a "Muttley" impression - particularly when a second SOuthampton train flashed up - stopping everywhere except Parkway. Was trying to decide whether there was any mileage in throwing a mega wobbly somewhere (not my usual style) when the screen changed - parkway was now an option - and I managed to get back to the constituency on time.

Andrew Haines (boss of SW trains) does not know how lucky he is - I am just grateful that I don't have to do this sort of thing every day......