Saturday, January 15, 2005

Vote for me!

The result of this ITV programme has left me feeling very depressed.

What allegations do people make about our MPs?

"Crooks, opinionated, middle class, gift of the gab etc etc..."

So who do the public choose (when, it is fair to say, they are offered with a number of alternatives)

"Ex jail bird (fraud), middle class, gift of the gab etc etc"

So Rodney Hylton-Potts won with his manifesto of a complete ban on immigration (despite being told in Liverpool that he was living in Cloud Cuckoo -pron coocoo - land)

So much for Rodney - The only other Rodney I am familiar with is Rodney Trotter and it strikes me that the person who actually won the competition is really a Del Boy - but without any of the humanity or the compassion.

I had a brief moment of thinking that "If that is what the public want then I shall retire gracefully" but have now come to my senses and I will remain committed to fighting such intolerant attitudes in our society because I do not want to see the far right gaining any foothold in the fabric of our society.