Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fathers for Justice

The script in the office went something like this....

"I think I should meet FFJ"

"Ok - I'll arrange it"

"When am I meeting FFJ?"

"I have left messages but they do not get back to me"

(repeat xn)

4 months later

"When am I meeting FFJ?"

"Well, I am a bit hacked off about that because I have just had a message from X who tells me they have had difficulty engaging with LDs"


"OK I'll try the new contact via X and see what I can come up with"

"Good - keep me posted"

"Good news. I have arranged a meeting with FFJ at the office on Sat 15Jan"

"Hmmmm - can we rearrange to mutual territory? I have just read that they staged a sit in at JOhn Denham's office?"

"Will see what I can do. How about the White Horse?"

" That's fine"

"I have just contacted them and they will meet you there"

"Have you arranged anyone to be with me?"

"Why should I do that as you are usually happy to meet people by yourself?"

"Ah - one of them recently handcuffed himself to a Labour Minister"

"OK - see your point"

I have to report that it was actually a constructive meeting and there were more points of agreement than disagreement. Watch this space.