Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just when Michael Howard didn't think it could get any worse

Robert Jackson MP has defected to Labour.

My immediate guess on hearing of a defection was that it was John Bercow although there are a number of likely candidates if you start from the position of looking for people who don't seem at one with the Conservative Party.

John Bercow is the ex International Development Spokesman and the rumours are that he resigned because of a lack of commitment to International Development. Ironic isn't it that, post tsunami, momey is now being found?

Next on the list would have been Robert Walter who recently tried to introduce some Private Members legislation to ban all male clubs. A shame therefore that the local Conservative club still has a restriction on women in the bar. I gather that Margaret Thatcher (when she visited during the 2001 election - thanks Maggie you helped in my victory) had to be deemed an "honorary male" and the then male PPC was quite proud of the fact that he had organised this.

I hope that times have changed because it must be odd to have a female PPC who can't fully bond with all the club members so I hope that someone will come and inform us that all is now well in local Toryland.