Friday, January 07, 2005

Thirteen year old drink drivers

My immediate reaction was "what is the world coming to?" - sounding worryingly like my mother and I can't help thinking that the kid wouldn't have been jailed if the judge felt that he had any other option.
Then it struck me that in all the news coverage I took in there was scant mention of parents. Surely they have some reponsibility in all of this?

One of the things that I have realised since I became an MP is that some people just really aren't very good at being parents and the main reason for this is that their parents weren't very good either. There have been generations of social service involvement but it is seen by the families as interfering and involvement is unwelcome. Social services departments do seem to be very hard pressed and only have time for dealing with active problems. Proactive work with young families is way down the list of priorities.

We can't carry on watching kids fail and then doing a very poor job of picking up the pieces. I shall reserve final judgement til I have read the papers tomorrow.