Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So what do MPs do at New Year

Spend the time with friends and neighbours.
Because it keeps me rooted in reality and I can have a glass or two and walk home safely!

Usual routine in Sycamore Close (ever since we had a barbecue -yes you read that correctly - to celebrate the Millenium) is to gather in one of the houses, eat and play silly games.

Most years we have turned the telly on to get the timing right for friendly kissing and auld lang syne but this year we were all transfixed by the firework display. If it looked that good on telly then to be there must have been pretty spectacular.
Olympic committee - sit up and take note please - this is only a taster of what London is capable of and I am fully behind the campaign to bring the Olympics to London so it was particularly unhelpful tonight to hear that Radio 4 was broadcasting a programme about how terrible London is.
Why can't we learn to be a little more upbeat as a nation?