Wednesday, December 22, 2004

White v Letts v Hoggart

Can't find a link to this but this is the story so far.

Hoggart denies being one of Kimberley's lovers.
Hoggart admits to same
Meanwhile Hoggart has written a book on the subject of the dreaded Christmas Round Robin letters
Quentin Letts of Daily Mail fame (?)(never knowingly relinquishes an opportunity to be snide and put the boot in) writes a spoof Round Robin letter
Michael White (he who tries to catch politicians out by ringing thema Sunday evening when they have probably had a "relaxing" evening at home) writes wonderful letter basically suggesting that Letts is an utter toad (he uses a much ruder word) and he has been telling Simon H this all along.

This was all in the Standard this evening and really livened up my journey home!

It will be quill pens at dawn.