Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Three minute silence

Why all the fuss? If people want to take part then that is fine and if they think the idea is misguided then there is no pressure to take part. I have been taken aback at the media minutes and column inches that have been devoted to people quibbling about what - in the grand scheme of things -pales into insignificance. I can't help wondering whether some of the empty vessels that are making the most noise are actually seeking some sort of publicity for themselves.

I was visiting Eastleigh Fire Station today (they do put out fires in parts of the constituency) and it turned out that they had arranged rather more than the chat I was expecting so I ended up observing the three minute silence alongside the firefighters. They had also been collecting money over the weekend and had raised over £10,100. Other fire fighters thought it likely that they might be asked to help and I will admit that I hadn't fully appreciated how useful our firefighters are on a global scale.