Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Blunkett to go this afternoon?

This was the hot topic at our table in the tea room at lunch. Sarah Teather came in and "broke" the news but her thunder was stolen by Paul Holmes who said, "I knew that and the rumour is that Charles Clarke is being lined up as replacement."
Sarah seemed a little disappointed not to have been the first with the news as she had "got it from the press"

Archie Kirkwood reckoned that Paul had been wrong about Charles Clarke and that John Denham would be rapidly promoted.

As I left the tea room I spotted Andy Burnham, David Blunketts PPS, eating lunch and it did occur to me that he might have been with his boss if a crisis had been in the offing.

Came back to the office and switched on Sky news to be confronted by a picture of the Home Secretary joining in some carol singing. The comment was that a Labour back bencher had said "He is quite seriously unbalanced!"

Nothing quite like your own colleagues for really putting the boot in.