Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prime Ministers Question Time

Tories were surprisingly (and worryingly) in good heart today and were loud in support of their leader. They loved it when Michael Howard presented Tony Blair with a book of Christmas reading - none other than the biography of the Home Secretary. Labour got their turn to cheer when Tony Blair read from Woodrow Wyatt's book - and mentioned a statement attributed to Michael Howard when he was employment secretary "Unemployment is not important".

Pathetic gestures at the end when the Prime Minister left the Chamber without picking up the book.
Cue childish chants of "book, book, book" from the Tories.
Enter Hilary Armstrong who picked up book and chucked it with some force at the Tory benches - I don't know whether she was aiming at Alan Duncan but she was pretty close!

Speaker refused to admonish Chief Whip.