Friday, November 12, 2004

St John's College Political Society

Off to Portsmouth this evening for the society's annual "any questions" session. Mary Fagan, the Lord Lieutenant, was on the panel and had the advantage of not expecting to take a particular viewpoint. She does do her job exceptionally well though.

I had expected questions on Palestine, hunting and other topical issues but had not been prepared for a few diehards who seemed to have come along to ask fairly oblique questions which all seemed to be having a sideswipe at Mike Hancock. I am sure that those particular questions were a bit off putting to those in the audience who were not from Portsmouth (the society attracts people from a wide geographical area) and who probably were not aware of the nuances of some of the questions.

I can only assume that there was a certain amount of jealousy involved as Mike is an extremely succesful politician and is very prominent locally.