Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Work life balance

Speaking on this subject to the British Federation of Women Graduates.Other panellists were Theresa May, Laura Fitzsimmons, Baroness Finlay and Shirley Conran.

Theresa went first and I was dismayed to learn that she has picked the same anecdote out of the same book (I don't know how she does it - by Allison Pearson) to illustrate a point.
It set me into a bit of a spin.
Am I turning Tory?
Is Theresa really a Lib Dem?

Quickly realised that the key factor was that as female politicians we sometimes have a lot more in common than we might like to admit and we do instinctively appreciate some of the problems facing women.

Interesting afternoon although there was manic laughter from the female politicians present when Shirley COnran mentioned that we should all carry around a daily postcard with only 3 phone calls to make and 3 major action points.