Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spikey Launch at the Groucho club

You may not have heard of a spikey but you will.
A spikey is a small gadget that fits into the top of a bottle and is designed to prevent drink spiking. It is the brainchild of a guy called Ray Lockett whose daughter, Marilyn, had her drinks spiked on ther 21st birthday.
Happily, Marilyn was with friends who made sure that she was taken safely home so her story has a relatively happy ending but other women (and sometimes men) are not so lucky.

I had been contacted because I have been told (and I find it hard to believe this) that I am the only MP who has asked parliamentary questions on the subject.

I have become convinced that this problem is greatly under reported. Take a look at the Roofie foundation website which has some harrowing stories.
I suspect that the crime goes largely unreported because most victims only have a hazy recollection of what happened to them, feel stupid for having been duped and the Crime Prosecution Service will not bring a case to court because the witness does not have a full recollection of what happened.

I spent some time last night reading some of the stories on the web site and I was filled with horror. I had assumed that this was a problem in clubs but as I read I realised that there are many parallels between drug rapists and paedophiles.

In a significant number of cases the perpetrator was someone known to the victim - a work mate or someone who had dated a few times. People are lulled into a sense of false security as they believe they are out with friends. Spiking can happen in a pub just as easily as a club but people are often more relaxed in a pub environment.

Once the deed is done then women sometimes have a vague recollection of being forced into practices that they would not normally consider (group or anal sex being the most common) and the act is often filmed or photographed - thus fuelling the porn industry. There is a very dark side to this problem.

The party season is fast approaching and it is vital that women are made more aware of this problem.