Friday, November 26, 2004

Four recounts and some bubbly

Interesting day and Romsey seemed to be swarming with Tories at one stage.

Couldn't get to the count at the beginning because of an engagement but when I arrived it was clear that things were close - so was somewhat surprised when the agent hinted that the provisional result was a victory by a margin of 200 votes - our guesstimates are not usually that far out.
I gather some surprise was expressed at the result but was surprised when there was suddenly a second "Could we have a word with the agents?" announcement.

Returning officer announced that some bundles appeared to have been mixed and the margin was actually 15!! To us..

More recounts followed by which time our candidate, Sally, had lost all her nerves and was past caring about the result (or so she said).

Final result a majority of 19 to us which was good news as we were in third place at the last local election (behind the Independent and the Tory) and the Tories chucked everything but the kitchen sink at this one.

Then off to the Tavern (Sally's local) for a celebration drink and much hugging was done by all.