Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This much I have learned tonight

Burning the midnight oil because I decided that I ought to learn a bit more about Haloscan which hosts the comments section of this blog.

I noticed that I can access the IP addresses and a little googling took me to a site that enables you to look up IP addresses (I can't completely find out who is who so if anyone knows a site that can pinpoint people more accurately then please let me know) .

I managed to establish that many of the comments were coming from the same source. For example - good old Clive appears to emanate from the University of Southampton but also has a BT address so presumably he blogs from work and home.

Other bloggers from the same University (can't quite establish whether they are all the same person) include "Martin", "Charlieboy", "Simon", Ed and "Richard Allcock" - I wondered what had happened to him. Not to mention Chris, Hugh, Baz and John. I am a little suspicious that some of them might be the same person as Hugh also appears to have the same BT address as Clive!

I can only conclude that there is someone who is strangely obsessed with this blog or there is a very active Conservative Society at the Student Union.

Even more strangely it appears that "Freedom", "Crap", "Alex", "Concerned", "David", "Chris Owen", "Chris", and "Janet Edwards" all share the same IP! I am a little disappointed with David who purported to be a first time visitor to the site!

I am all for free debate but I can't understand why people can't be honest and open about who they are. I am looking to see if there is a method of ensuring that only those who are willing to leave their e-mail address can comment.

I don't think that the same two or three people continually sniping is the sort of thing that encourages MPs to blog.

Oh - and for those of you who wonder why I was "wasting" my time on this I will just point out that the scientist in me hates things that don't add up so I decided to delve a little.

I shall be delving a little more to see if I have made the right assumptions