Sunday, November 21, 2004

A plug for the Christmas lights

Forget Blackpool. Forget Oxford Street. Romsey is the prettiest place in the world when it comes to Christmas lights so come along everyone and have a look.

For the uninitiated I will just say that there is nothing brash and flashy - just lots and lots of simple light bulbs. Nearly all of the shops also have small Christmas trees above their shop fronts, also decorated with coloured lights. The place retains an olde worlde feel and every year I plan to take some photos but I have never quite got round to it.

The lights were switched on last night and there was a good turn out despite the fact that it was damp and drizzling. The Chamber of Commerce tried something different this year with a lorry in the town centre acting as a stage so that the public could see what was going on. Music was provided by Mountbatten School and The Old Cadets and a good time was had by all.