Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A by election in the town

As there is relatively little going on in Westminster I decided to come back to the constituency and help out with the local by election. So many people give me help that it is nice to return the favour from time to time.
The other advantage is that an afternoon in the fresh air delivering leaflets is clearly much better for the health than sitting at a desk throughout the parliamentary party meeting!

Spent some time on the phone this evening. I didn't introduce myself (I was under orders not to because people invariably want to chat if I introduce myself) but a number of people recognised my voice and some others spontaneously (no prompting) said nice things about me. However, it has to be said that tonights task was to ring the converted so it is only fair to say that the response would probably have been different if I had been given the task of ringing Tories....