Monday, November 15, 2004


I am not going to comment on the rights and wrongs of the sacking or his behaviour. The one thing that has worried me about Boris all along has been the tension between his role as a shadow Minister and his role as Editor of the Spectator.
I just don't see how he can remain loyal to his party and retain his editorial freedom. This was highlighted recently when Michael Howard sent him to Liverpool to apologise for comments made in his editorial capacity.
It is also difficult to see how Boris could do both jobs justice.
At least Boris does have a skill in the real world. What worries me is the growing trend of career polticians who have little experience outside the Westminster bubble. Yes, I know that my own party leader became an MP at a very young age but in those days it was fairly unusual.
There is now an ever increasing number of wannabees whose whole working life has been devoted to working for an MP or a political party. Some are very good but it doesn't add to the richness of expertise in the House of Commons.