Sunday, October 03, 2004

When "gentleman's agreements" just don't work

Late on a Saturday evening!
Had a strange pager message asking me to ring someone urgently. I can't go into full details but the long and the short of it was that a couple had been duped and were now sitting outside a flat (that they had thought they were going to move into) with all their worldly belongings - and it was pouring with rain.

It turned out that they weren't actually constituents - there appeared to be some sort of glitch in the constituency locator at Parliament - but it clearly wasn't the time to get officious about it. Managed to organise some temporary help and I later found out that the guy had made the post code up (because he couldn't remember the full one) so perhaps the constituency locator is working after all.
I'm also pretty sure that Alan Whitehead will be very glad that I didn't pass the problem on to him!