Monday, September 27, 2004

The Red Coats

No - I am not referring to Butlins but rather more to those people who like to ride horses and chase foxes around the countryside. According to The Times today I am to be targetted at the next election. This is because I am an anti hunt MP, represent a rural constituency and have a small majority.

Their arguments are flawed on a number of counts.

1. Eighty percent of my constituents live in an urban or suburban environment.
2. My political opponent has not made her views on hunting with hounds (or much else) public
3. Over ninety percent of my post bag has been in favour of a ban. The hunting fraternity say that they will be able to muster 300 activists per constituency. I wonder waht makes them fail to realise that I might be able to muster 2,700 people who have a contrary view?