Tuesday, September 28, 2004

And introducing the team..............

It has been remiss of me not to introduce my team. I will doubtless be referring to them all in days to come so it might help of you know who they all are..

In the constituency office in Romsey we have
Sally - who has overall responsibility for the constituency office and for making sure I get to the right place at the right time. She does all that is humanly possible with the diary but the rest oif it is up to me and MPs always commit to too much.

Liz - who does a lot of the constituency casework - particularly phoning all of those agencies which are difficult to deal with - such as the Child Dupport Agency

Tony - Caseworker, press officer come Mr Fixit. He is not nicknamed "The Alton Rottweiler" for nothing!

Marion - her main aim in life is to wear out keyboards as she steams through all the letters that go out from the office

In the Westminster Office Liza has worked for me for a year but she is leaving me for another MP. I can't blame her as I can only afford her for four days a week and he has offered her more money. I have told her she won't like it though.
There is an able replacement in Nick who has previously been an intern for Norman Lamb.