Friday, October 01, 2004

Hartlepool - the monkey wins it!

It's a real shame about Hartlepool as the team worked brilliantly and a swing of nearly 19% is no mean feat but sadly that means nothing because it is the result that people remember.

The negative campaign run by the Labour party was an absolute disgrace but even more worrying is the fact that, according to the Guardian, local members of the Labourparty are not behind their candidate and were predicting that even if he won there would probably be a deselection.

I am positive that it is not the last we have seen of Jody Dunn. I didn't see the count because I was travelling back from Brighton but I heard that Fathers for Justice were up to their usual tricks and threw some sort of paint over Jody.

I hope that she has not been too put off by the negativity and will give some serious thought to what step she will take next with regard to her political career. POlitics needs more people like her and I wish her luck.