Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A step too far

I am feeling virtuous because I walked into work this morning. A lot of us now have pedometers (courtesy of ITV and BBC) and some of the boys are really competitive. At conference I was comparing pedometer readings with Bob Russell and he was most put out that I had clocked up more steps

"How have you managed that then?" says he in disbelief
"Perhaps I've just walked more than you today Bob"
"I don't believe it! It must because you have shorter legs!"

Never ever think for a minute that this place isn't competitive.
But I was chuffed to find that there are 3,200 steps between home and the HOC chamber. I won't go on about this in future postings though because this could have the potential to become very "Bridget Jones"

Pedometer reading 10,635
Hugs 0
Press opportunities 2

I will stop the comparisons here though because I am not looking for a new man and even if I was there is nothing remotely up to the Colin Firth standard in Westminster. COme to think of it I am no Rene Zellewegger either.