Thursday, October 07, 2004

Let the train take the strain?

Only - it appears _ if you can arrive at Southampton Parkway at some ungodly hour. I was due in London so duly got up early and drove to Parkway and was there just before eight. Not a parking space in sight - not even one of those dodgy ones where you can squeeze in hopefully on the end of a row and just pray that everyone else will drive carefully and not scrape you.
Undaunted I decided to drive to Winchester (despite my recent experience at mid day there are usually spaces for a longer length of time). Big mistake - it took me nearly one and a half hours - by which time there were no parking spaces there either.

I am a great believer in public transport and driving to London is equally frustrating and a waste of time as it is impossible to do any work in the car.
Let's put aside for one moment the frustrations when you get on the train but if all the car parking spaces have gone well before eight in the morning I am left wondering how all those other car drivers resolved the problem and what happened to them?

In my case I missed taking part on a panel discussion for The Mens Health Forum . Doubly frustrating as it is a good cause and I hate letting people down.