Saturday, October 09, 2004

Snippets from an MPs casework box

It was supposed to be a day off but staff holidays and shortages have meant that I ended up in the constituency office dealing with a mountain of case work. This is the name given to the mountain of letters received from constituents that haave to be dealt with and answered - whether there is an actual problem to tackle or someone is just seeking my opinion.

Here is todays snap shot of correspondence

Drop the debt (2)
Mental Capacity Bill - concerns about euthanasia (quite a number)
Problems with a war pension
Problems with the INland Revenue
Dispute with Jobcentre Plus
Letter to tell me a problem pathway was going to be cleared (success!)
Chain letter scam
Animal welfare Bill (problems with)
Car parking problem
reduced VAT on listed places of worship
NHS prescription charges of
Non vocational adult education
Wind energy (no - not MPs - renewable energy sources)
Tax credits (thanking me for help and success)
rural wreckers (weekend country dwellers)
Speeding traffic
hearing aids
Civic partnership Bill (on the agenda for next Tues in HOC)
Special educational needs (a perennial problem)
plus a few letters from my regulars who seek my opinion on the world the universe and everything but cannot be quietened with the answer "42".