Tuesday, October 05, 2004

So please tell us which political parties are campaigning for dirty hospitals?

Listened to Woman's Hour as I was driving between appointments and heard Eleanor Laing the Tory Spokesperson for women.
You can listen to it yourself but I was amazed that she could not come up with a single positive Conservative policy that she thought would be attractive to women. Instead she burbled enthusiastically about women wanting clean hospitals and that was a Conservative policy so if that was what women wanted then they were clearly Conservative voters!!!

Words fail me but it seems that Eleanor in her enthusiasm for this ground breaking policy was seemingly unaware that Lib Dems and Labour MPs are not exactly going round saying "we want more dirty hospitals and less cleanliness".

This is a classic case of all political parties actually wanting the same thing - why this is suddenly a differential policy is completely beyond me. It's certainly a classic case of why politicians should stop underestimating the commonsense of the electorate.