Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My opponent blogs too!

OK - now that the cat is clearly out of the bag - I will admit that my Conservative party opponent is a blogger too. Her blog is full of scintillating insights such as " I put my feet up this weekend" and a list of her meetings with..... other Tories!
It is fair to say that her efforts were part of the reason that many people thought a blog was a complete waste of time and tried to dissuade me.
It is also interesting to note that after a period which clearly displayed a lack of interest and some very lacklustre postings she has suddenly become re-energised. Could it be that she is aware of my blog?

Ultimately - we have the potential here for the first blogging dialogue and the facility for the electorate to compare their candidates.

Here goes.

Recently she made a snippy little comment that "It is very disappointing that when the leader of the County Council invited the Lib Dem MPs for the area to attend a similar briefing they declined."

Um actually she should get her facts right. An invitation went out at relatively short notice and most of us had constituency engagements which we were reluctant to turn down. The meeting was an all party one and was cancelled because of general "lack of interest". As the vast majority of Hampshire MPs are Tory I really don't think my opponent is in any position to take the moral high ground.

She has also completely overlooked the fact that MPs have numerous sources of information at their disposal and not just the County Council.

In future any such silly and ill-informed comments will be robustly challenged.