Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tales from the surgery 1

My first ever attempt at an open surgery was a disaster with lots of people coming along "just to have a look" at their newly elected MP. I felt like a prize exhibit in a zoo.

Since then my surgeries have been appointment only but frequently the problem can be sorted without an appointment.

Yesterday was a mixed bad including NHS dentists(how do you know they are telling the truth if they recommend an expensive treatment that is only available privately), NHS continuing care (battle to obtain), speed cameras (who is accountable to whom - it seems like another virtuous circle), discrimination against the homeless (I am still not sure whether a guy who is living in his car can be classified as a constituent but if I don't tey and help him who will) and a guy who wanted to talk to me about the effect of the moon on the weather. The last chap sent his apologies for not turning up but I am left pondering. MPs can do many things but I am not sure what effect I can have on the moon....