Tuesday, October 19, 2004


"We can sing a song about that"
although I have to say that the members of the British Healthcare Trades Association didn't look remotely like Village People.

I had been invited to one of their parliamentary dinners along with MArk Oaten and Michael Meacher. Michael and I have constituency interests and mine is a firm called Talley medical who specialise in pressure relieving mattresses and various other devices.

It was a pleasant evening but we were only really just starting to get to grips with the issues and concerns about the new purchasing arrangements when we were interrupted by the Divison Bell. This is something I shall be following up as it seems that no one in parliament is taking much interest in the issue. A big fuss is made if someone can't obtain the medicine of their choice but people don't seem to get quite so excited about medical devices. Odd when you consider that if people are properly equipped their quality of life can greatly improve.