Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dogs Bogs and Bins

A previous Head of Environmental Health at Test Valley Borough Council frequently maintained that all you had to do to keep the public happy was deal with the above.
i.e. Deal with dog waste problem
Keep the public loos clean and open at the right times
Make sure the bins are emptied.

I thought he was being trite and flippant but the longer I deal with the public the more I realise that he had a very good point.

With this in mind I had tabled a question to Defra about recycling in Southampton - It came up at number 15 so I wasn't expecting to be called but I went along to the Chamber anyway as there were some interesting questions.

Things went way and I was able to put the question but was disappointed that the Minister did not state his party's commitment to recycling but defended the petty politicking that has gone on on Southampton City Council.

That's politics I suppose.