Monday, May 02, 2005

The last Dawn Chorus

Was up at dawn again on Friday for a Press Conference on Older People. Steve Webb was also there but we both felt a little redundant. Time pressures on Charles (a chance to grace the GMTV sofa if we are honest) meant that the Press Conference had to be very short and we had to forego the statements by Steve and I. It was agreed that we would make ourselves available to talk to journalists afterwards but I got the impression that most journos were feeling a bit tired (just like ourselves really).
Charles seems in very good form and evryone was very complimentary about his performance on Question Time. His pragmatic view was that he was glad he had gone on first as the studio was really hot (and getting hotter by the minute) so even the coolest, unsweatiest character would have been sweating if they had been on last.