Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shock horror - Shirley Williams on time!

The lovely Shirley Williams has a little bit of a reputation for being late so the County Council candidates who were meeting her were not too worried about punctuality so at one stage we were panicking that there would be no one there to greet her but alls well that ends well. She was being ferried around in a customized people mover - more of a skirmish bus than a battle bus but it all looked very smart and professional.

First stop - Angie's florist. She has a window display with floral arrangements representing all the main parties. Apparently UKIP was off to an early lead (she thinks it was something to do with the colours) but Lib Dems have caught up and there has been very little voting for the red and blue arrangements. Fun idea.

Next stop the bakers and Shirley clearly liked the look of their bacon baps (cheesy topped rolls - scrummy) so was duly presented with one but they are not the sort of thing that one can munch during a walkabout...

Shirley did a couple of interviews in the Cornmarket and the cameramen amused themselves filming vox pops. This always makes a candidate slightly twitchy because you never know what they are going to say but it all seemed fairly positive.

Final stop was Abbeyfield and everyone there really seemed to appreciate Shirley's visit. She is such a natural with people and has a genuine interest which always goes down well.