Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No comments until after the election

I was asked to withdraw a particular comment from the blog. I was happy to do so as a gesture of goodwill but as it was also pointed out to me that I had a responsibility for the postings on the blog I decided to review the comments. Suffice to say things have become a tad overheated on occasion. The time pressures of the election mean that I have little time to monitor the comments on the blog (or really to carefully think through the ramifications of some of them) and on reflection I have realised that I could be held responsible for malicious comments that are not my own and I cannot identify the source.

This is not fair to myself or my opponents so I have, very reluctantly, withdrawn all comments that have been made since parliament has been dissolved and will not be allowing further comments until after the polls have closed.

I would still be happy to receive any e-mails and will try and publish some of them. I am sorry things have had to end up like this.