Sunday, May 22, 2005


Quick dash from Youth in Romsey to the AGM of the local Carers Forum. I arrived late (occupational hazard) butwas happy to sit at the back and listen but unfortunately some people had seen me arrive and had complained to the organisers that I was not welcomed along with the assorted mayors. This did not bother me in the least as I had gone along to listen but some people get very exercised by these things.
Interesting to hear about the groups activities but more interesting still was the presentation on the reconfiguration of local surgical services. Presenter kept painstakingly pointing out that "nothing was yet decided" and stresing the future public consultation but this jarred with the constant emphasis that various surgical teams were supporting elements of the plan.

If the final plan is very much different to what we saw on Friday then I will don a saucy nurses uniform for PMQs (not that I know where to obtain such a thing). Believe me - this is not an incentive to change the future of surgical services so I believe I am very unlikely to have to fulfil what may seem like a bizarre promise. By the way - I am not a betting woman.