Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shuffling about

The details of the reshuffle are now common knowledge. If I were an "on message" party sycophant I would now go on at length about how this reshuffle is the best thing since sliced bread and how every single appointment is inspired. The truth is that you would not believe me and everyone has their own idea of what a "fantasy shadow cabinet" would be.

On a personal level I have made no secret of the fact that I would like a new challenge but, realistically, with a majority of 125 it makes sense to stick to something I know and not have a steep learning curve to contend with. The job I would really have loved is the health portfolio but it is a huge time commitment and I am delighted that Steve Webb has been given the role. He has done a good job at Work and Pensions but that is his area of expertise so it will be really interesting to see what he makes of the Health portfolio but I wish him luck.

The rest of it is interesting but the "code of collective responsibility" prevents me from saying anything very much. Just to be a little enigmatic I will admit to raised eyebrows at a small number of the appointments but I will leave it for you to figure out what those might be.