Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Response to the Queens Speech

This is the running order

Speaker rambles on a bit with things that must be said
Long serving back bencher speaks - refers to constituency and tries to be funny
Relatively new backbencher does same
Leader of Opposition
Prime Minister
Leader of Liberal Democrats
Who cares......

Kevin Barron opened but the House slightly llost patience with him when he rambled on a little too much about the constituency and was overly sycophantic. A pity but it is always difficult to judge these things.

Vera Baird opened well and with good use of humour and was typically feisty (what else do you expect from a red head) but blew it when she was too nasty to the Tories - a real shame because I am a great admirer of hers and would like to see her in a ministerial position but I suspect they are all a little nervous of her.

Other speeches were much as expected but as the Speaker had earlier commented about trying to avoid pettiness and personal attacks I think he must have been a littl disappointed with the thrust of some of the speeches.