Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Age shall wither thine principles?

Have been pondering on this since my canvassing on Saturday. Came across a delightful couple who said they used to vote Lib Dem but probably wouldn't this time. Was curious as to why because most travel is in the opposite direction (aka "The other two parties have b******d it up so we might as well give you a chance).
Turns out that this couple in their much younger days were young socialists and they clearly still had a set of principles.
I asked them if they honestly thought that the Conservatives would look after them in their old age and they laughed and said, "Probably not but it won't affect us as we plan to leave the country"

The sad thing was the comment "All older people get a little more selfish and self centred in their old age"
The fiery idealism of youth usually does fade but I am not sure that I buy into the idea that people are more selfish.

Food for thought