Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm still waiting...

As are we all and the worrying thing is that Sky News seemed rather more informed about the start time this afternoon than the whips office. However, even Sky got it wrong. David Laws clearly thinks we are in for a long wait as he was sitting in the chamber with "The Commission for Africa" report open on page 1. Not quite the parliamentary equivalent of War and Peace but not far off.

Made the decision last night to sacrifice comfort (and the possibility of missing the alarm) for more sleep. Two HOC arm chairs pushed together are more comfortable than one might expect and the Division bell is a very effective alarm.

This mornings session was followed by a parliamentary party meeting and an update as to what is going on but the meeting didn't wholly resemble what later happened in the Lords. We then all trooped off for breakfast to find that the tea room (shock horror) had run out of bacon! I have to say though that the catering staff have been doing their best to cope with the unexpected demand.

At the present moment there are no apparent signs that the Government is willing to budge and they are falling back on the argument that the Lords shouldn't block the will of the elected House of Commons. I am sorry Tony but you have had eight years to do something about the House of Lords if you really wanted to.