Friday, January 28, 2005


Spent a morning with the local RSPCA uniformed officer and very interesting it was too. Visited some ponies, a man and a dog and a boy and a dog! She also showed me some pictures of some of the things that she has to deal with - and some pretty shocking pictures which did not result in a prosecution.
It saddened me that in some of the cases the person involved did not realise that they might be guilty of any form of cruelty. It also struck me that in some cases the pet might look a bit bedraggled but they are actually loved and fed and taken to the vet when that is necessary. Anything that does not conform to people's chocolate box view of the world is likely to be reported and therefore investigated.
The job seems a more difficult one than one might imagine because the inspector usually has to gain the trust of the owner in order to have a proper look at the animal. An eye opening day and I am full of admiration.