Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Eight million reasons to think green

After voting on vitamins I thought I would pop in on the Nappy Alliance reception. I had met with representatives from the alliance before and was unprepared for the zeal with which some of the attendees approached their subject.

I had to feel sorry for Jane form the alliance though as she described to me the problems she had in describing her day job to those who were unaware of the nappy alliance.

"Basically I have to tell them that I deal in s**t!" she commented.

I reassured her by pointing out that that was what people thought politicians did all the time but they didn't bother discovering otherwise.

Speeches were short and sharp and today's unfogettable fact was that 8 million nappies go into landfill daily. I have taken this matter up locally before and the only semi positive response was from the local maternity hospital who said that they would consider alternatives to disposable nappies.

As I was leaving I was surprised to bump into Michael White who told me that he was about to become a grandfather. He was displaying a great interest in the various products on display but I had great difficulty in imagining members of the press gallery comparing the merits of cotton bottoms, nappy republic and snazzypants.
Shame really because it is a subject worthy of greater publicity.